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 |  Electronics
Electronics Batteries for Small Gadgets
Small electronic items demand even smaller batteries. Camelion button cells provide high energy in small packages.
They are suitable for car keys, calculators, cameras, hearing aids and many other electronic gadgets.
  • Light and comfortable
  • Digital hearing aid compatible
  • Reliable, steady power output
  • Easy to use
  • Leading edge technology

   | Lithium Electronics

 Camelion button cells provide reliable power for small electronic devices and are available as lithium, alkaline, silver oxide and zinc-air battery cell. Ideal for car keys, calculators, laser pointers, hearing aids and many other small electronic devices.
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 Hearing Aid  | Zinc Air
Camelion hearing aid batteries are small, lightweight, reliable and convenient packaging,
ideal for the consumer-friendly operation.

A13-BP6 A10-BP6 A675-BP6 A312-BP6
Item Numbers:  Zinc Air
Electronics  | Alkaline
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 Remote Control  | Alkaline
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 Electronics  |Silver Oxid
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