Our Distribution Network

A History Of International Experience

What We Do

Camelion Battery Co., Ltd. (Camelion) specializes in the research, development and manufacture of quality-constructed batteries. To date, our production line is broad, and our distribution network is on every continent and over 60 countries worldwide.

Global Presence

In 1997, we established two overseas offices: Camelion Enterprise Ltd. in Hong Kong which serves as the production center of Camelion products and Camelion Batterien GmbH in Germany. Our German office serves as the European R & D, marketing and distribution center for Camelion batteries.

In 2000, Camelion established a U.S. based marketing and distribution centre. This office is primarily responsible for Caribbean and Latin American sales.

In 2002, we started our corporation with Power DC in Australia and New Zealand. It is now enjoying strong growth in those countries.

In 2004, in partnership with Batteryhouse Inc., we established a new North American distribution network. In the same year, Camelion Holding Inc. was established as the head office of Camelion North America.

In 2009, the european headquarter moved from the marketing and distribution center in Wildau/Germany to Berlin were we expand out storage abilities.

Today, Camelion continues its investment in the research and development of high quality batteries to meet the entire range of consumer needs. Starting from a single factory in 1994, Camelion now has more than ten factories - all utilizing modern technology in their manufacturing processes - to meet worldwide demand for low cost, quality construction batteries.

International Alliances and Standards

Camelion makes use of her extensive experience and alliances to bring you the best possible family friendly consumer solutions. Our strategic partners and distributors work hand in hand to help bring businesses (OEM and Private Label) and Consumers high quality batteries. We also have numerous international certifications and awards that testify to our no-skills and experience.

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